Intent of the Lesson Plan

These notes outline the standard processes used in the lesson plans.

Alberta Curriculum Level

This model has not been assigned to any Grade Levels.

Time Needed

0 – 0 Minutes

Summary of this Lesson Plan

By referring to a standard lesson plan, we are able to keep each lesson plan much smaller and simpler, without repeating the same information over and over again in each lesson plan.

Related Topics


Materials Needed

as per the model being used

Suggested Process for Using the Model


Setup Process


Animating the Models


Drama Tips!


  • Pretend to be a TV interviewer with a mic and interview the parts of the model.


  • Give the parts of the model lots of personality by having the students create sayings and actions that are appropriate to each object.


  • Animate the story. If the model is about a magnet pulling iron filings, make it dynamic by advancing the action like a game show, or like a weight-lifting competition. Suggest actions and attitudes for students that work to enhance the role they are playing.


  • Add music if you like.


  • Link a couple of models or variations together into a story. Run the model like you are describing a movie that is happening in front of you, or like a play-by-play at a sports game.

Ways to Extend the Model


Reinforcement Activities and Evaluation Questions