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What is Act2Learn?

Lesson Plans, Complete Mini-Plays, FLEX Days, PD Day Workshops, and Residencies

Act2Learn provides teachers with tools to effectively address the kinaesthetic area of the multiple intelligence learning model. Therefore, all of the resources we provide are based on the understanding that children learn in a multitude of ways. Physical experience is one of the most powerful methods they have of learning.

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The core functionality of the site comes from our ever expanding library of lesson plans. Each lesson plan gets students acting out key components of the curriculum, engaging them at the kinaesthetic level.

While this can be intimidating for teachers not familiar with the process, our lessons plans are a simple to follow. They are step-by-step guides with short animations to help explain the movement patterns. Because the best way to understand the Act2Learn method is to try it, we have created a sample lesson plan for you to try.

Sample Lesson Plan

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Best of all, members have unlimited access to our lesson plans and mini-plays which teach many of the aspects of the science curriculum for students from grade 1 – 6. Mini-Plays use the lesson plan models in various combinations to create 5 to 10 minute plays. these are perfect for review or to perform for other classes or parents.

We encourage you to become a member! Meanwhile, if you want to take a peek at the lesson plans available for members, you can check out the Lesson Plan Index.

Lesson Plan Index

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